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Stop Molten Zinc Adherence in Unwanted Areas

• Ideal for masking threads, weld areas, and joints

• Allows both alkaline and acid cleaning after coating

• Easily removed after galvanizing

• Applied like ordinary housepaint

• Fastest-drying stop-off available

• Rapid delivery for all quantities 

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Key Attributes

Maskote Zinc Stop-Off is a specially formulated, fast drying solvent-based paint that is easily applied by brush or dip to prevent galvanizing in unwanted areas.
Superior Performance for Preventing Galvanizing
• Withstands normal alkaline and acid cleaning before galvanizing

• Will not peel off during hot-dip galvanizing

• Is easily removed after galvanizing, leaving the area free of zinc

Maskote Zinc Stop-Off is ideal for masking off areas that are desired to be free of zinc-- thus preventing galvanizing and zinc adherence. No curing is needed: simply allow the coating to dry before placing into service.
Maskote Zinc Stop-Off
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